connecting 2 boardS via SPI

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connecting 2 boardS via SPI

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I'm trying to connect a production board configured as Master and a S32K148 eval board configured as  SLAVE via SPI.Ther's no activity on any of the SPI signal. Also tripled check all the connections. before this I used the 148 eval board to communicate between LPSPI0/LPSPI1 which works fine.

Seems to me this is the drive issue  which has something to do with the length of wire (several inches).

I could not think of anything else at this point.There is a common ground between them, if you're wondering.

Any Ideas?


Koorosh Hajiani

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi hajianik,

Since before this you are able to use 148 eval board to communicate between LPSPI0/LPSPI1. So you can have a test, measure the signal at the master side, Even if the slave is not connected, the signal should be measured at the master side.

You can disconnect the connection between Master and Slave. Check if your production board configured as Master able to output signal at it's SPI pins.

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