What component may be damaged? S32k142

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What component may be damaged? S32k142

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Me again..

So I experimented with a input PWM Signal and tried to connect the signal of a dc motor controller to PTB2. But the controller supplies up to 10Amps with the PWM signal. I had the power supply run with 12 Volt limited at 2Amps so that was the maximum for a short time until I cut the connection.

After that the EVB permanently pulls around 0.4Amps and parts(D6, U19, U21, Q1) around the LIN and CAN pins get hot. And the board does not power on correctly.

I measured some parts with an oscilloscope and Q1 and U15 are not producing the right output.

Can someone maybe confirm if they may be broken or what parts may be damaged?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


From your discretion looks like you have damaged micro.

Are you able to get out of reset?

If any part is heating, it means there is short circuit.

I am afraid that you ignored datasheet max voltage spec for pins and crossed the max ratings.

Please always make sure you follow datasheet to avoid any micro damage before the power is applied.

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Thank you for your reply.

I could not get it back to work so I switched to a new board and applied the signal with appropriate voltage.

Now I can use it.

Best regards.


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