TJA1101 with s32k344

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TJA1101 with s32k344

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Hi,I'm debugging the Tja1101 using s32k344.

I config the s32k344 mcal use EB tresos 27.When in loopbak mode, EMAC can send and receive data.

But when un-check loopback,The EMAC can also run into EthIf_TxConfirmation(),this mean the EMAC has send the message successfully? But I couldn't see the data in WireShark,why?


I changed the tja1101 to internal mode ,but it doesn't work.And register 15 is 0x80.

below is the register in loopback mode ,register shows that tja1101 unbale to work in 100base -t1.

phydata[0] = 0x6100 phydata[1] = 0x1e5 phydata[2] = 0x180 phydata[3] = 0xdd02
phydata[4] = 0x0 phydata[5] = 0x0 phydata[6] = 0x0 phydata[7] = 0x0
phydata[8] = 0x0 phydata[9] = 0x0 phydata[10] = 0x0 phydata[11] = 0x0
phydata[12] = 0x0 phydata[13] = 0x0 phydata[14] = 0x0 phydata[15] = 0x80
phydata[16] = 0x7a phydata[17] = 0x1804 phydata[18] = 0xdc05 phydata[19] = 0x1245
phydata[20] = 0x0 phydata[21] = 0x0 phydata[22] = 0xffff phydata[23] = 0xbc04
phydata[24] = 0xc000 phydata[25] = 0x0 phydata[26] = 0x0 phydata[27] = 0x8020
phydata[28] = 0x1 phydata[29] = 0x0 phydata[30] = 0x0 phydata[31] = 0x6100



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


There are many reasons which can lead to the issue. I recommend that you can try with LWIP example instead, which demonstrates a full stack Ethernet, including sending a frame externally through a PHY.

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