S32K344 and TJA1101B debugging problems

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S32K344 and TJA1101B debugging problems

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Hi,I'm debugging the Tja1101 using s32k344.

Problem 1:

I config the s32k344 mcal use EB tresos 27. and call the Eth_Transmit() function to send the ARP message in a period of 2s,LED for activity on my media converter keeps blinking in a period of 2s, but I don't see any packets on my PC(wireShark).The media conerter can work well when I use SPC5748G develop board.

I checked the register in TJA1101 through SMI, the register 1 and register 23 showing the  LINK UP is OK,and SQI  is  class G SQI (very good link).PHY STATE is Active,TX_MODE is SEND_N,not any ERR occured, PHY is MII mode and config as Master.

The following figure1 shows the waveforms of TXEN and TXD0 ports captured by the oscilloscope,the TXCLK is 25MHZ. Can you see any problems from the waveforms?


Problem 2:

I use PC sends an ARP message to s32k344, and the Eth_Receive() callback function Eth_Rxindication() can't receive the message all the time. The waveforms of RXDV and RXD0 can be captured through the oscilloscope ,please refer figure2,the RXCLK is 25MHz,and RXER no error happen.
I suspect it is the configuration problem of the EB eth module. Could you please send me a EB demo project work well for S32K334 platform and TJA1101B with MII mode?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Probably there were some jumper problems. You will have to move the jumper J30 on eval board from position 3-4 CLOSED to 1-2 CLOSED in order for on-board Ethernet level shifters to work properly.

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