S32K118 Gpt and Wdg MCAL configuration

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S32K118 Gpt and Wdg MCAL configuration

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Hi, I am using S32K118 EVB and I´m trying to configure the Watchdog Wdg module with tresos. I have seen both Wdg and Gpt user manuals and i have the following questions:

Question 1:In AUTOSAR_MCAL_WDG_UM.pdf, in 3.6, it says the following:

"2.Configure WDG routine used for triggering as a GPT callback
(Wdg_Cbk_GptNotificationX must be configured as a notification callback for the GPT
channel intended for triggering) ."

Do this means that I have to add a Gpt channel In order to use the watchdog, and in the "GptNotification" field i have to put "Wdg_Cbk_GptNotification0" if I am using the WDOG0 ?


Like this?

Question 2: I am using S32K14X_MCAL4_3_RTM_1_0_1 and EB Tresos 24.0.1, 

When I try to use a Gpt channel with the FTM module I´m getting unexpected errors:

I Did the following steps:

In the MCU module:

1.I selected a SIRC 8Mhz input on FTM1 in the McuPeripheralClockConfig field

2.I created a McuClockReferencePoint with that frequency, selecting "FTM1_CLK" in the

mcu clock frequency select field.

In the Gpt module:

3.I created a GptClockReference point, selecting the mcu reference point created before.

4.I enabled FTM1 module and enabled its ISR

5.Created a new GPT channel, and selected FTM1 with the following cfg:


But I´m getting errors when generating:


Thank you so much




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @riglesias2021 ,

I would like to answer your question.

1. Yes, user have to add a Gpt channel In order to use the watchdog, and in the "GptNotification" field it is needed to put "Wdg_Cbk_GptNotification0" if the WDOG0 is used.

2. I cannot reproduce your issue, could you please share the configuration(Gpt, Wdg, Mcu .epc or.xmd file) for checking this case.

Best regards,