ProcessorExpert.PE contains absolute path to FreeRtos

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ProcessorExpert.PE contains absolute path to FreeRtos

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We are working in a development team on a SW project using Eclipse, Processor Expert and FreeRtos.

We utilize a version control system (SVN) to archive all relevant files.  Part of this is the file "".  Unfortunately some of the SDK Tool installations were done in different directories within the development team, e.g. C:\NXP\... and C:\Tools\NXP...

The file contains the tool/component location information in two forms:




 As one can see, the first instance usess an Eclipse variable and is therefore not a problem.

The second instance though has the entire absolute path information.  This will lead to the situation, that changes in Processor Expert file can not be shared within the team without commonizing the installation directories.

My question is, is it possible to make the second instance also a function of the Eclipse variable?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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