Not able to test S32K142 slave configuration

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Not able to test S32K142 slave configuration

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I am trying to test the sample LIN Slave configuration as provided by NXP SDK but as they are not using the LIN connector on S32K142 Eval Kit I have changed the code to use the LIN Connector (LPUART0 and PTC2 and PTC3 pins).

I have loaded the ldf in CANoe to configure it as Master but the CANoe given error saying slave is not responding.

I am attaching the code and ldf that I am importing in CANoe, please let me know if I am missing anything.

Also let me know if anything else needs to configured in CANoe.

Thank you.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



what kind of board revision you have?

On rev.C LIN transceiver is connected to PTD6/PTD7 only.

On rev.D there could be more options but as per schematic, by default, it is connected to PTB0/PTB1 using zero Ohms resistors



So try to select PTB0/PTB1 in pin muxing component.

Also be sure board is using external 12V power supply so LIN transceiver is powered.


BR, Petr


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