Keil Hands-On Lab available for S32k-144

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Keil Hands-On Lab available for S32k-144

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This lab using Keil MDK is now available:

This shows the various debug facilities one can use with the S32K-144.

When I receive a S32K-148 board, I will add ETM Instruction Trace to this lab.

If you want to see what ETM can do:  look at the TWR-K64 lab:

The ARM/Keil Software Pack is available now:

This Pack is a regular .zip file with the extension changed to .pack.

It contains header files, examples and much more.


Bob Boys


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NEW  S32K-148 EVB Lab is on the web:


I have completed the hands-on lab for the S32K148 EVB and updated the lab for the S32K-144 EVB.

The S32K-148 EVB lab has detailed instructions on getting the ETM trace working along with Code Coverage and Performance Analysis.

Keil will soon release in November the new ULINKplus:  this adds power measurement and other features.  You can tie the current draw to your source code.

The S32K-148 EVB appnote is located here:


The updated lab for the S32K-144 EVB is located here:


Both of these include a very nice DSP example and a Blinky example.


I also have a lab for the popular NXP Cookbook. 

A Keil ULINKpro is needed for ETM trace.

Keil MDK is free for up to 32K code size.  All examples compile and run inside this limit.

It works with OpoenSDA or a selection of external debug adapters including any Keil ULINK or a J-Link.


Bob Boys

San Jose, CA

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