Failed to install the HSE FW Full mem in S32K312

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Failed to install the HSE FW Full mem in S32K312

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Hi Now, I have successfully installed the HSE FW for A/B swap in S32k312. But when I try to install the HSE FW for Full mem, it's failed. The Step is shown on below:

1: Modify content in the UTEST (1B00_0000) to any value rather than all 0xFF( same with A/B swap).



2:Prepare  the HSE FW and modify the link file in S32DS just like belowand change the IVT FW start image to 0x0500_2000 align with id file.(same with A/B swap,just only pink image is different.)  I also check the hex content (0x0500_0200 0xDA is for full mem and 0xDB is for A/B swap)




3:program those and reset. But full mem is not successfully installed and A/B swap(reset twice for A/B) is successfully installed (the HSE version is successfully readout.) I use the two separet chips to try those two installation.

HSE for A/B swap is correct.



I have no idea that why A/B is successfully installed ,but full mem is fialed.Is there any different except pink image?

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