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FTM up counting configuration

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I am trying to use FTM as a up-counting timer simply, but CNT register value remains 0.

My settings are follows:
MOD = 0x2000
CONF= 0xC0

Other registers are reset default values.
Finally, set 0x118 in the SC register.

I expected the CNT register to count up to 0x2000, but it remains 0.
The SC register shows 0x198 and the TOF remains 0, so I think the countup has not started.

The count clock is SIRCDIV1.

Are there any restrictions when using FTM as an up counting timer?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Ken3,

Please refer "Table 27-9. Peripheral module clocking (continued)".
If you want to select SIRCDIV1_CLK as counter clock, then External clock should be select by FTMn_SC[CLKS].
But you select Fixed frequency clock by FTMn_SC[CLKS].

Table 27-9. Peripheral module clocking (continued).png

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