how can i find the safety MCAL of S32G

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how can i find the safety MCAL of S32G

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my ecu need to D,so i need  safety MCAL, safety MCAL is free or need buy?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Could you please elaborate on what are you meaning by safety MCAL??

Within the S32G platform, there are standard packages (no additional cost) and premium packages.  In the S32G2 site it is explained which packages are "standard" and which are "premium" (shown in the "Software Enablement" section).

The Real-Time Drivers (RTD) is one of several packages which supports both AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR applications.

Real-Time Drivers (RTD) for S32G2 – Product Brief (

If the package you are looking for is inside the "Premium Software" segment, we recommend reaching out your local NXP representative for them to guide you in the required process.

Please, let us know if this information was helpful or not.

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