S32G2 debug issue with Trace32 Lauterbach

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S32G2 debug issue with Trace32 Lauterbach

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Hi NXP community,

I'm currently running on a issue when debugging the S32G2 VNP RDB2 evaluation board with the Lauterbach PowerDebug PRO.

When I try to enter in debug mode with T32 I get this error "Debug port time-out at unknown".

In the T32 area view there is this warning message:

Warning: wrong location description near file offset 388733696. (offset 0x172B9B00 in ) in file test_s32g2.elf

Sometimes I get rid of this error by switching on and off the board multiple times, but depending on the software that is programmed this error could persist.

Do you have any idea about what can cause this error ?

Thank you for your support.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Under this community, we might be unable to provide support on 3rd party debuggers. For that we can recommend contacting the respective debug support team, since they should be able to provide better support than the one we could provide. We do apologize.

Aside from this, do you have any S32 Debug Probe available? If so, is the behavior the same?

Under RDB2, there are 2 dipswitches that handle the BOOTMOD of the platform (SW9 and SW10). For using a debug probe, the expected configuration for both dip's are 0's (SW9 = 0b00 and SW10 = 0b00). Are both SW9 and SW10 set to 0?

Also, the code that you are trying to load, is this an NXP example? Or is this a custom application? Have you confirmed that the code is functional? If the board powered on before trying to start the debug session?

Please, let us know.

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