IPCF test on S32G274

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IPCF test on S32G274

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I am trying to help get the IPCF demo running on the Goldbox eval kit. I do not have one of these kits at the moment so I can’t do much testing on my end so I was wondering of you or someone at NXP could provide a bit of guidance.

Is there an updated version of the training shown here?:


This training looks to have been done on an older version of the BSP for the goldbox and the commands that are used in u-boot to load the M7 binary don’t all work (for instance, the initsram u-boot command has been removed from the newer u-boot in the latest BSP releases). If we just skip that step and use something like mw to write zeros and proceed with the rest of the instructions it seems to load the binary but when we go into Linux on the A53 cores and load the ipc-shm-sample.ko module we get an error saying “invalid parameters”.

Any documentation or assistance you could provide would be helpful.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Inside the "IPCF_Example_S32G274_M7_0" project (provided in the IPCF updatesite package) there is a "description.txt". There, the commands related to the compatible u-boot version are provided.

The "initsram" is indeed changed by the "mw.q" command, and a step is added in the sequence of commands.

Please, let us know if this helps you or not.

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