S32K144 FLASH read

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S32K144 FLASH read

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    I'm using S32K144 for my project. I want to use the on chip FLASH to store data,but I don't want to using it as an EEPROM because my bootloader is using FLASH. 

   I found the API of write FLASH in SDK: FLASH_DRV_Program(), but I can not find the read API.And I can not  find any description and command of FLASH read in reference manual.

  My question is : How can I read the FLASH data IF I do not use it as EEPROM ?


   Waiting for reply!


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I understand you want to use the FlexNVM as DFlash.

There is no API as you mentioned.

You can read the DFlash data simply with a pointer.

BR, Daniel

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