using S32K144 EVB as JTAG to debug other S32K144 chip

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using S32K144 EVB as JTAG to debug other S32K144 chip

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I have a NXP s32k144 EVB, it works normal. Now i designed my own S32K144 board, and i have tried Multilink to debug it. it is OK. However, the Multilink is shared. So i want to use EVB's JTAG interface( J12, SDA jtag interface). 

First, i  pick out the U7, U10 to make openSDA disconnect with the EVB S32k144 chip, then i tried the J12 interface with my new s32k144 board, the "P&E connection assistant" window occurs, it says "an error occurs while connecting to the interface hardware" the openSDA can be recognized.

Then i picked out the S32K144 chip from the EVB board. But the S32DS IDE still can not debug. the error is the same. 

So i want to know what should i do to make it work as a JTAG. i have read the link

"Using the Freedom Board as SWD Programmer".  Thank you.


Yanpo, li

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NXP Employee


yes, it is definitely possible. Is your board powered? Please check board schematic if it is connected properly to your EVB -   

Hope it helps. 


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