SPE Intrinsic Instruction Support in S32DS

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SPE Intrinsic Instruction Support in S32DS

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear Sir,

According  to the document SPE2PIM.pdf, there are many intrinsic definitions for SPE2 instructions.

In S32DS for PowerPC, we can include the "SPE.h".

There are many intrinsic instructions described in SPE2PIM.pdf that are not defined in the "SPE.h".

(For example, __ev_sumwu )

Does this mean that S32DS compiler (for MPC5775K) doesn't support these intrunsic instructions?


Jason Yang

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Jason,

current version of S32DS compiler (in v1.1) supports SPE1 intrinsic only. Inline assembler should support spe/spe2/lsp. Anyway there were observed an issues with some specific SPE2 instructions - this should be fixed in v1.2

The next release v1.2 (end of May 2017) will include support of all SPE1/SPE2/LSP intrinsics. <spe.h> will contain all spe/spe2 instructions sets.

Therefore I'd recommend you to download and use v1.2 for your development as soon as it's available.



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