S32K cut2 problems on RAppID BL tool

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S32K cut2 problems on RAppID BL tool

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Hi NXP team:

I am new working on S32K, I haved learned that there is a PAppID BL tool in community

I haved tried every ways to use the tool but failed, I think there may be many guys meet this.

I want to know every details if you can help

Now,I am going to make some detail conditions:

1. My chip is S32K on cut2(0N47T) on S32K144EVB-Q100

2.RAppID BL tool is

3.RBF file is from:


Will you show me steps to make it tool OK or tell me what am I wrong ?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello gumpforrest‌,

You should start by checking the thread Bootloader_s32K how it works for S32K144. This contains much detail on how the RAppID Bootloader works and how to use it. 

One of the key points to successfully use the RAppID Bootloader, is how you setup your hardware to communicate with it. Connect the S32K144EVB-Q100 evaluation board (EVB) directly to your PC via a USB cable. Then you can use the OpenSDA functionality to flash the RAppID Boot Loader Flash Algorithm (RBF) file to the EVB. This the host (PC) program (either via GUI or command-line) then can communicate with the RBF running on the EVB to flash your application file (in S-record format).

Hope it helps,


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