How to solve below issues in S32 design studio PA V1.2

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How to solve below issues in S32 design studio PA V1.2

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I am using S32ds for power architecture V1.2  for MPC5777c controller.

1.During running i am unable to see the expressions. By halting only(suspend) i can able to.

Is this version has that feature? Please share...

2.After debug session termination sometimes my debugger unable to connect. I showing error window as "another debug session is in progress".

3. Sometimes while clicking debug configuration--> debug-->

after building, it is taking around 5 mins to connect the target. Is there any setting change or any problem?

4.presently i am working with V1.2, now i want to install V2.1. the project which is developed in V1.2 is directly compatible to import in V2.1?

Please suggest........... 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


1. There is no such feature - runtime value monitoring  

2. S32DS for Power 1.2 is old version. PE Gdb server is sometimes stuck and needs to be killed manually by task manager. This is known issue and is mostly fixed in new S32DS for Power v2.1

3. If your project isn't based on SDK, you should be able easily import it to S32DS for Power v2.1


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