What is the minimum supply voltage to S12ZVL?

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What is the minimum supply voltage to S12ZVL?

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Dear NXP Enginner,

           I have a quetion about work voltage with S12ZVL ,check with datasheet ,it shows normal operation voltage is 5.5~18v.What does the“  Operation down to 3.5V is guaranteed without reset, however some electrical parameters are specified only in the range above 4.5 V ”  means ? 

          If the input voltage is from 4.5V to 5.5V ,if MCU can work normal ?  And how about the MCU status in 3.5v~4.5v ? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The generated VDDX voltage will stay above 3.13V if VSUP >= 3.5V (Appendix B in the S12ZVL RM).
Because Low Voltage Reset asserts at typ. 3.02V (VDDX), the MCU can operate without reset at this VSUP voltage level.

However, some electrical parameters are not specified at this low VSUP voltage.
For example, the LINPHY is still working but with degraded parameters at 3.5V<= VLINSUP <5V.
Also, BATS and PGA characteristics are not specified in this range.

Please refer to the RM, appendix A-L for more information.

The internal VREG can generate VDDX 5V or 3V3 depending on CPMUVREGCTL_VREG5VEN (S12ZVL(A)128/96/64 only)
S12ZVL(S)32/16/8 derivatives doesn’t have the option and the VREG generates 5V VDDX only.


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