ESD testing failure for MC9S12XET256MAG

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ESD testing failure for MC9S12XET256MAG

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we are using the controller MC9S12XET256MAG for our transmission ECU. While doing ESD test(Air discharge) near controller area, the controller is getting halt during the exposure.It's recovering only after the hard reset of the device. Kindly suggest some solution to rectify the same.

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I have the same problem on the LS1043A chip, my work around is to program the hw watchdog to reset if the cores are frozen because of ESD.

Not the ideal solution but work for me.

Hope my comment helps you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


standard procedure.....

1) Could you please send a readable schematic of the MCU environment?

2) Also good to see whether PCB is OK especially all unused pins correctly ( ), no wire or plane under oscillator circuitry, correctly calculated load capacitances,.....

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