RapidIoT: Relay ckick demo

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RapidIoT: Relay ckick demo

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

This following example shows the capabilities of the NXP’s RapidIoT to drive the MikroElektronika Relay click module

through the GPIO protocol.

This minimalist example to be flashed via MCUXpresso and a docking station embeds only mandatory environment for this application.

The main() is located in the source/ RapidIoT_Relay_click_demo_bm.c file

  • BOARD_InitBootPins()                           function sets the GPIO pin mapping (pin_mux.h)
  • BOARD_InitBootPeripherals()                function configures the GPIO (peripherals.h)
  • While (SW1/SW2)                                  SW1/SW2 detection

            The interresting part is the management of switches rebounces.

The code is fully documented.

There is also a readme.txt file located in doc directory that gives you all the information needed to make it works!


Feel free to adapt it to your needs !


Warning: Flashing K64 memory may erase kboot which is ok if you know that you no longer need it -see user guide for more information



Enjoy your RapidIoT!  

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