Check Out this Connected Beehive Application

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Check Out this Connected Beehive Application

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Check Out this Connected Beehive Application

Two of our interns this summer, Driss and Théophile, worked within a week to develop a connected beehive.

Here is the approach:


Module 1 (play): Using Atmosphere only, develop a Beehive monitoring app with following features:

  • Temperature and humidity posted to the Atmosphere cloud.
  • Light detection to warn owner about somebody opening the roof of his beehouse or that it flew off.
  • Gyroscope threshold detection for somebody stealing a beehouse (that becomes an issue in France). Will trigger an alarm on app if beehive is moved.


Module 2 (tinker) : Using click modules and MCUXpresso:

  • Using a NFC reader module on the docking station, allow the user to record his/her behavior  using tags (extract honey, observe bee queen, etc.)
  • Transfer these operations on a cloud via a Wifi module to record operations without having to note time and what operations were performed.


Module 3 (develop): Out of the blue with MCUXpresso:

  • Use Rapid Iot to build a scale and report the weight of the beehouse on the kit display (+ Load cell, docking station and an amp + ADC)


The approach was modular where each module is working with its dedicated kit – but can be integrated into a single kit.

All 3 modules were delivered in less than a week by Théo and Driss, which demonstrated that Rapid IoT prototyping kit is capable of taking an idea and turning it into a real product fast.

Check out the attached video to meet our interns!

What is even better is no bees were harmed throughout this process. :smileyhappy:

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Really cool!

Thanks for sharing our work ! If you have any questions feel free to ask.


I should like to learn just a little

Nice article thanks for sharing…

Hi Theophile

Great project!  I was wondering if the project source files might be available.  I am looking for examples using the cloud and NFC applications.



Great job!

Looks like we have exactly the same aim (including the theft protection).

Check Home - iTRUBEC 

Sorry if it's obvious and I'm just somehow oblivious, but where is the source for each module? javierasolorzano

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