dwc3 timeout in transmission on ls1046a

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dwc3 timeout in transmission on ls1046a

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I tried to test uvc-gadget function on LS1046ARDB board.

I brought up g_webcam module to get a video node in /dev/video0 and executed the uvc-gadget function.

# ./uvc-gadget -c /dev/video0

Device /dev/video0 opened: dwc3-gadget (gadget).
Device /dev/video0 opened: dwc3-gadget (gadget).

Then, USB cable connected peripheral port on the device to host (PC).

I try to get video capture on host and got some of message from device

setting probe control, length = 26
bRequestType a1 bRequest 81 wValue 0100 wIndex 0001 wLength 001a
streaming request (req 81 cs 01)
bRequestType 21 bRequest 01 wValue 0200 wIndex 0001 wLength 001a
streaming request (req 01 cs 02)
setting commit control, length = 26
Setting format to 0x56595559 640x360
=== Setting frame rate to 15 fps
/dev/video0: unable to set frame rate (25).
Starting video stream.
/dev/video0: 4 buffers requested.
Failed to export buffer 0.
Failed to export buffers on source: Inappropriate ioctl for device (25)

I also printed kernel message

[ 209.630678] BUG: scheduling while atomic: uvc-gadget/4993/0x00000002
[ 210.153582] dwc3 3000000.usb: timed out waiting for SETUP phase
[ 210.159574] Kernel panic - not syncing: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
[ 210.166283] CPU: 3 PID: 4993 Comm: uvc-gadget Tainted: G W 4.19.68-dirty #40
[ 210.174639] Hardware name: LS1046A RDB Board (DT)
[ 210.179342] Call trace:

It seems that dwc3 driver timeout when transmission.

Is the dwc3 driver unstable and unavailable on the LS1046A device ?

How do I figure out this issue ?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Both the software and the HW peripheral you are trying to use with
LS1046A-RDB are not NXP products, nor we have tested them with any
applicable (L)SDK. For this reason, there are no ready guides on
installing, using or troubleshooting this peripheral with any Layerscape
processor, sorry. The error output you quoted does not seem to belong
to any NXP-maintained kernel module and does not allow to identify
the root cause of the failure. Suggestions:

1. Approach the peripheral manufacturer or the driver maintainer for
   troubleshooting recommendations.
2. If you think the problem may be related to your LS1046A-RDB USB
   port, try it with any device for which a description is available
   in LSDK Manual:
3. Debug the kernel to get to the root cause. If you believe that it
   is an NXP-maintained code that causes the failure, please indicate
   the module and function that causes it.


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