Whats the maximum addressable memory for the P5040 and LS1046A processors

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Whats the maximum addressable memory for the P5040 and LS1046A processors

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I noticed that the Development boards for these processors have 8GB of RAM installed on them. Is the 8GB of RAM the most these systems can address, or can I develop a system with more memory than 8GB on it? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

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The P5040 memory interface supports as many as four physical banks of 64-/72-bit wide or 32-/40-bit wide memory (4 chip select signals). Bank sizes up to 8 Gbytes are supported, providing up to a maximum of 32 Gbytes of DDR main memory.

Four chip select (CS_B) signals of the LS1046 support up to two DIMMs of memory. The DDR SDRAM physical banks can be built from standard memory modules or directly-attached memory devices. The data path to individual physical banks is 64 or 32 bits wide, 72 or 40 bits with ECC. The controller supports physical bank sizes of up to 16 Gbytes.

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Thank you for your answer.

Still, I would like to know whether LS1046A device can support 32Gbyte DDR4 or not?, since I am trying to connect 72-bit wide 32Gbyte DDR4 +ECC discrete memory chips to it.

Also, Is it like maximum DDR4 density allowed for this processor is 16Gbytes as you have replied for the above question?

Please give your suggestion.


Pradeep. S

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