VPP supported on LX2160ARDB?

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VPP supported on LX2160ARDB?

Contributor II

I was wondering if VPP is supported/tested for LSDK 19.03 on LX2160ARDB. The LSDK documentation does not mention LX2160A as supported for VPP. If it is not supported/working, will it be in the next LSDK release?

Also, what are your plans for supporting VPP/DPDK in future LSDK releases? The versions of VPP (and DPDK) currently available are rather old. 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

LX2 is similar to LS2088. so VPP shall work ok on LX2 as well on LSDK 19.03. We do plan to enable LX2 support in upcoming LSDK releases with later VPP 19.01.