TSN: How to sync Ls1028ardb with Cisco IE4000 TSN switch

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TSN: How to sync Ls1028ardb with Cisco IE4000 TSN switch

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  • I have ls1028ardb with OpenIL v1.6 and Cisco IE4000 TSN switch.
  • I perform gPTP.cfg as 802.1as profile so that ls1028ardb can sync with IE 4000 well.
  • But how to "utilize" the synchronization clock for Qbv gate control?
  • I think the parameter "base time" might be a "bridge" between time synchronization and Qbv gate function.
  • In my understanding, "base time" is the time instant when ls1028 executes the gate control list.
  • But how to set up the parameter "base time" properly? In other words, how to set up Qbv function on ls1028 so as to make it work together with the Cisco TSN switch.

Thank you in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The 802.1Qbv basetime needs to be an agreed-upon future time in the 1588 clock domain. It is up to the applications/network how the base-time is decided.

After clock synchronization within a given offset (say 50 ns) is established, all nodes can agree that the base time is the start of the next second. Clock synchronization can be checked by polling the status of the ptp4l service, either by parsing its raw output or with the pmc program.

You can check the tsn-scripts from the unofficial openil-community repo as an example:


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