SATA link-up failure on LS1043a

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SATA link-up failure on LS1043a

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Has anyone here been able to get SATA interface working on their LS1043a based board? If yes, did you have to do anything special other than configuring the SerDes in the rcw?

We have an M.2 SATA driver connected on the other end and sata link is not coming up. I have attached the u-boot log with some additional ahci debug. Some additional debug we have done:

  1. We have verified the other 3 serdes interfaces - SGMII, SGMII and PCIe. Only the sata serdes lane is not working for us.
  2. PLL1 is locked. Also verified that there is no issue with PLL1 by changing the serdes configuration to 0x3354 and verifying that the other 3 serdes lanes work correctly.
  3. OOB initialization appears to complete; but PxSSTS[DET] is set to 1 indicating that PHY communication is not established.
  4. We have tried drives from at least 2 different vendors; none have linked up so far.

I have also attached the serdes/sata register dump. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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