Management traffic coming out of the SJA1105T host port is dropped

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Management traffic coming out of the SJA1105T host port is dropped

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I am working on a prototype on the LS1021ATSN-PA kit.

I am configuring the SJA1105T to forward the management traffic for the destination MAC address 01:80:c2:00:00:14 to the host port, and it works perfectly.

The issue is that the frames sent to the host port with the same MAC address are dropped and an N_POLERR error is flagged.

If I disable the MAC_FLT/MAC_FLTRES for this MAC address the frames are not dropped, but then the frames coming from the other ports are not captured. I cannot have the management traffic goes both way.

As explain in the N_POLERR, I added an entry in the l2-address-lookup-table for the management traffic MAC address that forward to all the other port, but it still doesn't work.

Here is the configuration I am using: spbv-default.xml

Thank you for your support.


In the documentation UM10944 Software user manual for SJA1105TEL about dynamic reconfiguration of the L2 address lookup table (Chapter, Table 64) the field MGMTROUTE description seems to suggest there is special entries for management traffic. But there is no information about how to configure them statically it in the switch configuration table documentation (Chapter 4.2.6). It is not clear how to configure these entry dynamically either:

On write, the host sets this flag to indicate that the request is targeted for a management route entry. In this case, the INDEX field of the ENTRY must point to one of the four supported management route entries. All management frames received from the port as indexed by the HOST_PORT field of the General Parameters block are checked for a match in the management forwarding entries and forwarded accordingly. The respective management frame is dropped if no matching entry is found. A management route entry is only valid if the ENFPORT flag is set and it is only valid for a single frame. The ENFPORT flag of the respective entry is cleared when a match is found. The host can use this flag as an acknowledgement. If the host provides several management route entries with identical values for the MACADDR, the one at the lowest index is used first.


I was able to have a single management traffic frame accepted from the host port and routed to the other port by setting a dynamic management route using the sja1105-tool:

    sja1105-tool reg 0x20 0xC7C00000 # ETH5:1, ENFPORT:1, INDEX: 124, PADDING
    sja1105-tool reg 0x21 0x20000147 # MAC1/2, HOST:0, ETH4:1, ETH3:1, ETH2:1
    sja1105-tool reg 0x22 0x0000180C # VID:0, MAC2/2
    sja1105-tool reg 0x23 0xC4000000 # VALID:1, RDWRSET:1, VALIDENT:0, MGMTROUTE:1

Is there no any other way to have the management traffic frames to not be dropped ?

Any way that could be configured statically without having to do a SPI write for every frames (not even thinking about calling the tool for every frames...) ?

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