Is there a pin list for the LX2160A?

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Is there a pin list for the LX2160A?

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I am doing a hardware design implementation for the LX2160A and am currently creating fractured schematic symbols for the part based on the datasheet and reference board. I was wondering if there is a pin list that exists somewhere that contains all of pin numbers and labels to aid in my current endeavor. Copying and pasting from the datasheet PDF is messy, time consuming, and prone to mistakes. With 1517 pins, I'm bound to slip up somewhere. Having a manufacturer-provided pin list would be ideal. 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The file you asking is not publicly available. Please create a case to Online Technical Support to request this file.

To enter a case to Online Technical Support please perform the following:

1. Please open
2. Click "SUPPORT" drop-down menu
3. Click "All support options" in "SUPPORT" drop-down menu
4. Enter your NXP site login/password if necessary.
5. Click "Go to Tickets" in "Support Requests" section
6. The system should redirect you to this page
7. At this page please create a new folder for support cases by clicking "Add a Folder". Typically - one folder per project.
8. When asked, enter project details - design stage, projected annual volume, end application type and application name.
9. When folder is created, please click "Add a new case" button near to folder name to create support case.

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