Cannot Boot from SD Card - LS1046ARDB

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Cannot Boot from SD Card - LS1046ARDB

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I am attempting to boot from an SD card on LS1046ARDB board. I configured the SD card with `flex-installer -i auto -m ls1046ardb -d ${dev}`

However, when I stop the bootloader and run `cpld reset sd`, the board still attempts to boot from QSPI.

The initial logs when booting have the following line: `Board: LS1046ARDB, boot from QSPI vBank 0`.

Further, when I run printenv I see that `bootcmd=run distro_bootcmd; run qspi_bootcmd; env exists secureboot && esbc_halt;`.

Am I missing something? I assumed that this could not be because of a bad SD card as that would cause errors after I attempt to boot from the SD card. Is that a valid assumption or is it possible that I have a bad SD card and u-boot is not updating as a result?

I would be happy to provide more information if necessary.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please try the following command.

$ flex-installer -i download -m ls1046ardb

$ flex-installer -b bootpartition_arm64_lts_5.4.tgz -r rootfs_lsdk2004_ubuntu_main_arm64.tgz -f
firmware_ls1046ardb_uboot_sdboot.img -d /dev/sdx

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