1G LED for T1023 Board Not Glowing

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1G LED for T1023 Board Not Glowing

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The below Query is regarding the LED for the T1023 boards.


We use the freescale SDK version 1.7. We have an issue of LED not glowing the LED’s in the T1023 board.


  1. For the power LED, we got the below command (executed in Linux Promt) and found it was glowing


                devmem 0xffe130000

                 devmem 0xffe130000 32 0x00040000

                 devmem 0xffe130004

                 devmem 0xffe130008 32 0x00040000


  1. When we enquired about the LAN Port LED (1G Port), we got the below set of commands from Alpha networks, but those can be executed from the Uboot prompt. Can you please share us the equivalent command from the linux prompt. In general you can share for all the LEDs like the one of 2.4 Ghz/ 5 Ghz etc.


=> mdio write FM1@DTSEC4 31 0xd04 //To switch to page 0xd04.

=> mdio write FM1@DTSEC4 16 0x625B //Set LED config.

=> mdio write FM1@DTSEC4 31 0xa42 //Switch back to the PHY's IEEE standard registers.


Please let us know if you need more details.



Suresh Kumar Jayaraj

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