PT2000 Smart Solenoid Driver

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PT2000 Smart Solenoid Driver

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PT2000 Smart Solenoid Driver


This demo shows a typical 4 cylinder direct fuel injection (DFI) application with a high-pressure (HP) fuel pump valve.

It introduces the many flexible hardware, voltage and current monitoring, and diagnostic capabilities incorporated into the PT2000. In particular, it provides a demonstration of the PT2000’s integrated real-time End of Injection [EOI] detection function, which enables precise volumes of fuel to be delivered to each cylinder, even as the injector’s characteristics vary over time.

Examples showing how the user can implement these programmable capabilities for their specific applications are demonstrated through the associated software IDE and device simulator. A comparison between simulator results and actual results will be shown.




  • Control 3, 4, 5 or 6 injector or pump solenoids in two or three bank configuration with a 72 V  boost voltage
  • Integrated End Of Injection (EOI) measurement for precise real-time control
  • Security and safety through integrated code encryption
  • Complete PT2000 Development Tool Suite (Simulator, IDE, Tracer, EVB)
  • Flexibility to implement standard or unique peak & hold current waveforms




Product Link
PT2000 Evaluation Kit with KL25Z for 4/6 Cylinder PT2000 Evaluation Kit for 4/6 Cylinder | NXP 








                                           4 Cylinder + Fuel Pump Demonstration


148401_148401.pngpastedImage_19.png   148402_148402.pngpastedImage_20.png



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