LX2160A serial-over-LAN (SOL) register

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LX2160A serial-over-LAN (SOL) register

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Hello everybody,

I am checking the documentation for LX2160A for remote control possibilities.
The LX2160A reference manual:  https://www.nxp.com/webapp/Download?colCode=LX2160ARM

At page 363 I see described an interesting serial-over-lan (SOL) register UART Connectivity Control Register (UCCR)

For example, bit 29
Enable for Channel 2 UART
Used to enable connectivity to “serial-over-LAN” channel 2 (2nd of two supporting UARTs)
0b - Channel 2 is not used for “serial-over-LAN” function. None of the UARTs connect to the Channel 2 UART; connectivity is instead to pins as defined by architecture’s pin muxing; schemes (RCW[UART_BASE] and RCW[UART_EXT])
1b - Channel 2 is used for “serial-over-LAN” function. See CH2_SEL field for connectivity to this UART

Can somebody comment, which DPMAC is used for remote connection, what protocol and security ?
Intel AMT or IPMP ?

Finally, how this 'feature' can be reliably disabled for FIPS certification ?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

“serial-over-LAN” functionality is not implemented on LX2.However, you can use our CodeWarrior TAP to see the console remotely over the ethernet on port 1082.Link: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/CWTAPUG.pdf

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