Equivlent part number for Motorola XPC860MHZP33CT

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Equivlent part number for Motorola XPC860MHZP33CT

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I have an old design using a Motorola XPC860MHZP33CT. What is the NXP equivalent part number? Looking at PowerQUICC I (8xx) | NXP  it isn't obvious to me how to figure this out without digging through a lot of individual data sheets. Is there a part number mapping table somewhere?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

MPC860MH is a specific device, it supports "Multichannel HDLC" microcode, as described in

"MC68360 QMC Supplement to MC68360 and MPC860 Users Manuals"


If this functionality is used in your design, than you have to select any currently available MPC860, where this functionality is supported (MPC860 User Manual states that it is not supported in MPC860EN and MPC860DE).

Other differences between currently available devices and MPC860MH are:

MPC860DP and MPC860DT have only 2 SCCs, whereas MPC860MH have 4 SCCs

MPC860SR does not support Fast Ethernet Controller, MPC860MH also does not support this function

MPC860T - reduced version of MPC860P (which is superset of entire MPC860 family), with reduced cache size only

so, the answer depends on which functionality is actually used in your design. To be on the safe side, I recommend using MPC860P device, which is superset of entire MPC860 family, full-featured device with Multichannel HDLC support, 4 SCCs and maximum cache size. The example partnumber is MPC860PVR80D4 - MPC860P in lead-free package ("VR"), with 80Mhz maximum core frequency, silicon revision D4 (most recent).

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