Wake up chip MC56F8345 from STOP mode using GPIO

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Wake up chip MC56F8345 from STOP mode using GPIO

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Hi community,


i'm trying to wake-up the micro MC56F8345  from STOP mode using the GPIOE1.


I was able to activate the interrupt on the falling edge of the pin and when in normal mode, it works fine. When I enter in stop mode, the micro doesn't wake up anymore (i'm sure the pin goes low from the oscilloscope).

The datasheet says this:


Since the interrupt is configured to detect a falling edge (so a clock is needed?), during STOP mode it doesn't work? The interrupt cannot be configured to detect a low-level, so it is not possible to wake up the micro using a GPIO?


Thanks a lot

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Unfortunately, I have not the example code to wake-up the DSC from stop mode. But this is the procedures to stop/wake-up.

After asm(stop) is executed, core clock gate and peripheral clock gates (NOT configured in SIM_SD registers) are disabled, so current consumption can be reduced a bit. Any interrupt from peripherals configured in SIM_SD registers, low voltage interrupt, executing a debug mode entry command using the DSC core JTAG interface, and any reset can bring it out of stop mode. Make sure asm(stop) is correctly executed, and instruction execution is indeed stopped, there's no peripheral waveform output, e.g., there should be no eFlexPWM waveform output. We can also set SIM_CTRL[DMAEbl] to 001b to have a try.

Hope it can help you


XiangJun Rong

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