NXQ1TXH5 coil value / compatibility

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NXQ1TXH5 coil value / compatibility

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regarding NXQ1TXH5,

I intent to use a coil having 3µH and 30mR DC resistance.

All that I see in datasheet , ANote or eval board docs say , more or less, that design is done with A11 coils and/or 6.3µH coils.

So my question:

Is it possible or not to use a 3µH coil ?

Even if it is not fully compliant qith Qi, as far as it charges with a good efficiency it would be ok for me.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Tomas,

Could you share the document that you have posted?

Thank you,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Yann,

The NXQ1TXH5 is designed to be used in an A11 charger and other coils are not supported.


In the Qi standard they have chosen to strictly define the charger and leave some flexibility for the design of the receiver. So the charger coil is strictly defined (not only the inductance, but also the number of turns and dimensions) so that the receiver manufacturers know what they can expect.


If someone chooses to use another inductor, then they also have to make a specific design for the receiver, so in fact you have to designing a new system which is a lot of work and you need a lot of know-how on magnetic coupling.



Best regards,