MC33771C VCOM state in Sleep mode

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MC33771C VCOM state in Sleep mode

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I am reading through the datasheet of MC33771C (Full datasheet under NDA). I cannot anywhere any clear definition of MC33771C sleep mode. What sub-blocks are shutdown to put MC33771C in to sleep?

1) What is the state of VCOM and VANA in sleep mode? 

2) If VCOM is not pulled LOW in sleep mode, can i use an separate 5V supply to power external circuits  like SPI-isolator and thermistors etc. So that i don't have to use VCOM.


Naga Penmetsa

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


In the sleep mode:

VCOM = ON (during cycle)
VANA = ON (during cycle)


In sleep mode based on the CYCLIC_TIMER setting, the MC33771C may continue performing cyclic
conversions in SLEEP mode. This is the meaning of the dotted bubble labeled as
CYCLIC_WUP in the state diagram shown in Figure 8 (datasheet page

26). The permanence time in the
CYCLIC_WUP transient state is really short; it is basically the time needed to turn on the
VCOM power supply and to acquire 20 channels.


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