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DOCK HUB with power

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Request help technical consult:

We search doing solution for dock hub station with interface out ( HDMI + USB 3.0) + power-bank functionally(with support powered/charged through VBUS simultaneously battery pack min 20000 mAH LI-polymer Battery pack.

Look NXP chip for hub use CBTL08GP053 and power management PTN5100.

Look attach schematic diagram from specification. I think this schematic diagram can use for my request solution.


It's schematic diagram can use for my solution ? 

Don't full understood - what's ic chip for battery changer and need voltage battery pack use for this type solution.

Please consult for offer you chip ic or offer another brand for can finished this solution.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


For Type C PD applications where more than 15W is needed, you would need a complete Type-C Power Delivery (PD) System, so you would need a NX5P3090 (current-limited power switch for USB PD), a NX20P5090 (as a Sink Path), a NX5P3190 (as a DFP Controller), a PTN5100 (as a PD controller) and other components as a charging circuit and a Buck regulator.


As an example, please check the USB Type-C and Power Delivery Evaluation Kits from the link below so you can see all the requirements for using USB Type-C for PD applications:


Unfortunately, due to the complex of the circuitry needed for design application which required power above 15W, we cannot provide support at the Online technical support team, so you would need to contact an NXP sales team & Regional Marketing or Distributor Field applications engineers to support you for this kind of application. If you are currently not working with a NXP Authorized distributor, you can find the contact information in the following link:


I apologize for the problems this may cause.


There is a 42-minute video from a class about USB Type-C in case you are interested. You can see this video in the following link:

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