ath10k driver on p1020-wlan

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ath10k driver on p1020-wlan

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HI all,

we are integrating atheros AR9882 WIFI Chipset via MiniPCI-Express 1.1 host interface on P1020-WLAN Board, for this we backported ath10k driver for kernel 2.6.32. after inserting the drivers we are getting following PCI errors.

root@FSL:/# insmod compat.ko
Loading modules backported from Linux version v3.14-0-g455c6fd
Backport generated by backports.git v3.14-1-0-g369d49a
root@FSL:/# insmod compat_firmware_class.ko
root@FSL:/# insmod cfg80211.ko
cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain
root@FSL:/# insmod mac80211.ko
root@FSL:/# insmod ath.ko
root@FSL:/# insmod ath10k_core.ko
root@FSL:/# insmod ath10k_pci.ko
ath10k_pci 0001:03:00.0: BAR 0: can't allocate mem resource [0x80000000-0x801fffff]
ath10k: eef7fcf8
ath10k_pci: probe of 0001:03:00.0 failed with error -16

please guide us to solve the issue.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You are using a kernel that is really ages old. I don't think we can share any experience with it and modern radio cards. Based on the error your kernel throws, there is insufficient space in the PCI window. Normally, u-Boot sets

much larger PCI windows than the space you device requests. The suggestions are:

1. Check what windows your u-Boot allocates to PCI

2. Check your device tree "ranges" property to make sure they

   are properly reflect the size of the window allocated by u-Boot.

   Details can be found here:

3. If everything looks correct but still no luck, debug the kernel.

Have a great day,

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