How to Configure The UPMA in P4080DS

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How to Configure The UPMA in P4080DS

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I have p4080ds board. I want to use NOR flash is in page mode. I have learned that by default elbc is in GPCM mode which does not support page mode access. In order to use page mode access UPM mode should be defined and configured. So What steps I should follow in uboot?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

This case is answered already in direct support Case opened to online technical support.

Here is a copy:

If the NOR flash is used as boot device, initially it is connected to CS line configured as GPCM. You can change GPCM settings "on-the-fly" in your boot code, but switching from GPCM to UPM is not possible in this way. To switch from GPCM to UPM, you need to initialize UPM table, and than reconfigure appropriate CS line from GPCM to UPM controller. This can not be done while the code is executed from GPCM, you have to put this GPCM to UPM switching procedure in some other memory, perform jump to this memory, and than execute it from this memory.

Possible options are:

1. Initialize DDR memory and put GPCM-to-UPM switching code to DDR.
2. Use any internal RAM.
3. Lock GPCM-to-UPM switching procedure in cache and execute it from cache.

Unfortunately, we do not have ready-to-use solution for GPCM-to-UPM switching "on the fly".

Hope this will be helpful.

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