P5020/P5010 COP/JTAG Specific FAQs

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P5020/P5010 COP/JTAG Specific FAQs

P5020/P5010 COP/JTAG Specific FAQs

The JTAG IDCODE for P5010 is 0x0020c01d. What's the IDCODE for the P5010?

Below are the JTAG IDCODES for P5010 and P5020:

P5010: 0x0020_D_01D

P5020: 0x0020_C_01D

For P5020, COP header has COP_CHKSTP_OUT and COP_CHKSTP_IN connections. Are they actually driven by the run control device (USB TAP)? If I leave the pins appropriately terminated then I do not need to route them to an adapter cable, right?

The USBtap does not use these signals at all. It's okay to leave these pins on the cop header as a NC. You do not need to route them to an adapter cable.

For P5020, VDD_SENSE on COP header uses 10-Ohm to OVDD while VIO VSense on Aurora header uses 1K pull-up to OVDD. If I use the 1K Ohm then it will be okay for the USB TAP, right?

Yes, this is okay for the USB TAP. They definitely use the VDD_SENSE pin, but they draw very little current, so there's almost no voltage drop.

COP header has a COP_SRESET# connection on pin #11 which connects to HRESET# on the P5020. The Aurora header does not have this connection. Is it actually necessary for COP header to drive HRESET# on the P5020 device?

The USB TAP does not use the /SRESET pin on the COP header at all. You don't need to route this to the COP header also. You can leave it NC.

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