Vgss specifications for short pulses for FET PSMN8R3-40YS

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Vgss specifications for short pulses for FET PSMN8R3-40YS

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The datasheet includes a maximum specification of +/-20V for Vgss.  Some manufacturers also include a specification for Vgss for short duration pulses.  For example, Diodes Inc BSS138 also has Vgss +/-20V, but can withstand +/-40V < 50 uS.

Does NXP have any additional data that shows if the gate is vulnerable to damage or not for short duration pulses (~1 uS) > 20V?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

NXP doesn't provide separate VGS rating for pulsed signals for this device.

Many of our customers are concerned about the gate oxide reliability, and one way NXP rates the reliability of the gate oxide layer is to provide both a DC and pulse rating for Vgs.  For exampe, the BUK9K29-100E data sheet indicates that, if Tj = 175 C and Vgs = 10 V, the customer should expect no failures.  Also, at Tj = 175 C and Vgs is pulsed to 15 V, the customer can expect to see failures after 50 hours.  This pulse spec is really a reliability spec.  If you're designing with this MOSFET in a consumer or industrial application, which probably will be designed to run for years and not just a few days, you should always look at the DC spec for Vgs.

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