Regarding OE pin of NVT2008

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Regarding OE pin of NVT2008

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We are using NVT2008 for voltage translation (Schematic attached for reference). The OE pin is tied to the VCCB pin. We have a use case scenario wherein we would like to disable the NVT2008. Therefore, we are using an actively driven signal from an IO expander to disable the NVT2008. In this case, where we try to disable the NVT2008, since the VREFB pin is connected to the power through a 200KOhm and then shorted to the OE pin, the VREFB pin will also be driven to zero level. This is a case where we have the B side of the NVT2008 powered down while A side is still active. Is this Ok for the NVT2008 to be operated in this condition? if not, what would be the most appropriate manner in which we can disable the level translator without affecting the device? Your suggestions are much appreciated.

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