RT685S, How to clone a DSP project?

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RT685S, How to clone a DSP project?

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I try to clone a dsp project using Xtensa Xplorer.

1. Import a dsp project from SDK2.7.0 and build it successfully

2. Right click this project and selcet 'Export...'


It can export a project to other directory, but I build the new project unsuccessfully.

It is easy to clone a MCU porject using MCUXpresso IDE.

So what is correct method to clone a dsp project to other dirctory?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


MCUXpresso config tool does not support DSP project clone. We have to import/export the project and do some modification.

1. Export and import a demo project. This is easy.

2.Copy SDK_2.8.2_EVK-MIMXRT685\devices\MIMXRT685S\xtensa to your workspace, default directory is C:\usr\xtensa\Xplorer-8.0.10-workspaces\workspace. SDK 2.8.2 forget to include this directory, so I attach it here.

3. Open Project->Build Properties. These two midifi all the items.



4. Modify the MakeFile.include
line 10: xt-objcopy ${xt_sysargs} -O binary ${xt_project} ../../../binary/dsp_data_$(build_target).bin \
line 36: xt-objcopy ${xt_sysargs} -O binary ${xt_project} ../../../binary/dsp_data_$(build_target).bin \
line 62: xt-objcopy ${xt_sysargs} -O binary ${xt_project} ../../../binary/dsp_ncache_$(build_target).bin \

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