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Looking for some clarification on something in the datasheet:


This device states that it can operate in standalone mode, however is the only way to get the device to advertise different current modes through the I2C bus?

I want to implement this in a standalone configuration, but I think it will only advertise that Default USB power is available on the VBUS lines. I plan on using a separate load switch that has a current capability of 3A, but don't know how to have the device advertise that the UFP can use the higher current.

My application is for primarily a DFP, maybe trying to get a DRP (but that is secondary).

I can understand that to enable the VCONN modes on the CC lines, it is required to have the I2C connection and extra switches to connect the respective CC line to 5V, so I am likely going to avoid that, as powered cables are not really applicable to this application.





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