PCA9685 to control 16 servos with Raspberry Pi

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PCA9685 to control 16 servos with Raspberry Pi

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Im have bought PCA9685 to control 16 servos. Im basically running this setup:

Dropbox - stockar2_bb.jpg - Simplify your life 

Im running it with Raspberry Pi 2 B. Basically following the the description here:


The servo works but when I connects it through PCA9685 it is totally dead. :smileyhappy: Before I go on investigating this I wounder if there are any differences between adafruits PCA9685 and yours? So that I need some different approach for the nxp servo. 

Are there any demo python code for download for running this on raspberry pi from your webpage? Couldnt find any. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



There are no differences between the “adafruits PCA9685” and NXPs PCA9685, in fact, the PCA9685 used in the adafruit’s board is from NXP. So, using the hardware from adafruit (PCA9685 board + Arduino Uno (or raspberry Pi)) and following the description of the page you sent, it should work fine.


Take in mind the note mentioned on the page when using Rasiberry Pi:  

Don't try to power your servos from the RasPi or Linux board's 5V power, you can easily cause a power supply brown-out and mess up your Pi! Use a separate 5v 2A or 4A adapter”.

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