Old MAC7116 wiring diagram dude

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Old MAC7116 wiring diagram dude

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Hi Community.

I will start by trying to provide all the information i found during many hours of searching the
 internet. I think this information can be useful for the community.
 I'll start.
 I have an electronic board with the SAC7116VPV50 chip. This electronic board from 2006 is installed
 in a vehicle and, obviously, has Canbus data. Obviously I have not found the diagram of this board
 anywhere. This chip controls an LCD screen. The LCD has a total of 21 pins. I have used a polymeter
 to verify each PIN and its function. The truth is that I have come a long way dedicating many hours
 to it but I am missing the most important thing and that is to understand the data protocol used by
 this chip to communicate with the screen.

The lcd has 21 pins. I have discovered that several jumpers to capacitors come out of the connector itself. Specifically 5. It has the ground pin and the first pins are data that are directly connected to the MAC7116VPV Chip. My question is this:
What communication protocol does this chip use to operate the 240 x 64 screen. Could anyone help me, please. Next I will put the photo of the pinout of the LCD connector with the diagram that I have managed to identifyl.


PIN 1: I think is data from mac7116
PIN2: I think is data from mac7116
PIN 3: I think is data from mac7116
PIN 4: I think is data from mac7116
PIN 5: I think is data from mac7116
PIN 6: Go to capacitor and ground
PIN 8 : I read 5V
pin 9: i read 5 v 
PIN 10 : I dont know
pin 11 capacitor positive to pin 12
pin 12 capacitor negative to pin 11
pin 13 capacitor positive to pin 14
pin 14 capacitor negative to pin 13
pin 15 capacitor positive to pin 16
pin 16 capacitor negative to pin 15
pin 17 capacitor positive to pin 18
pin 18 capacitor negative to pin 17
pin 19 capacitor positive to pin 20
pin 20 capacitor negative to pin 19
pin 21 i dont know. 

My project is very simple. I want to know the data of this LCD to show it in a bigger one.
What is your opinion?
Thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Alejandro,

Don´t know how your display is going to work but Pin1 to Pin6 i guess this correspond to EIM Please take a look at AN2934 Using the MAC7100 EIM (External Interface Module). It will tell you how to configure the EIM as well as other information on using the EIM.

Once the external memory has been maped to an address you will be able to access it like any other memory address on the device. So you will be able to access it over JTAG.


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Thanks Bio_TICFSL.
I dont have JTAG to work on it. 
I buy the same board on ebay for study more deep

Unfortunately the board is already developed and my goal is to know how to have control of the LCD. If I can understand the operation, I can replace the LCD with another one.
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