NFC Tags in Super Market


NFC Tags in Super Market

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Good Day I have inquiry about NFC Tags and use in Super market i have an idea i want to put inside NFC tags a message conten " name of products , price , date of expired " and i need to read from all device android and iphone without use any app to be easy to the customer there is any idea for that.

speacily with iphone

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

This is Fabian, I've been assigned to support your case.
I appreciate your interest in our products.
Our NTAGs can be configured to have a specific message, these messages are standardized by NFC-forum and give the message a structure for the phone to understand it without any special application. This message is called NDEF. Unfortunately, the name of the products and the fields that you are interested in saving in the NTAG aren't standardized. For this reason, I think it is required to have an application. On the other hand, due to Apple directives, the iPhone requires to have an App open to scan the near tags.
I hope this information may have been useful

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