LCD Display element blinking issue by PCF8578 & PCF8579 ICs

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LCD Display element blinking issue by PCF8578 & PCF8579 ICs

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Problem: PCF8579 not driving its first 3 segments properly.

Hello NXP Community,

I am Nilesh. I am an Embedded software engineer.

I am working on a LCD project where PCF8579 and PCF8578 ICs are used for our application.

The segments of LCD display are driven by PCF8579 and backplanes are driven by PCF8578. In our application, Everything was working absolutely fine except two or three character of display which are not displaying properly and these segments are attached with the first three segments (0,1,2)  of PCF8579's and the backplanes of LCD display are attached with PCF8578's backplanes (R0 - R15). 

FYI, PCF8578 is configured in a row mode with 1:16 MUX.

Consequently, it has been observed that there is an issue or something unexpected thing is happening with the segments (0,1,2) of PCF8579. 

Therefore, I would like to ask this question to community.

Additionally, I have attached some pictures of the problem which was faced by use. So, please go through it.

If anybody knowns about its then please let me know as soon as possible.


Nilesh Parmar

Embedded software designer


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