Java Sample for NTAG213 TT

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Java Sample for NTAG213 TT

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If i wish to write and enable TT and Counter using any reader with java code 

how can I do so for NXP Ntag213TT .


I tried using nfctools in java , it writes the website info but how can I enable TT feature and other features 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @acesinvensys ,


As I know, the TapLinX – Java based SDK supports NTAG 213 Tag Tamper. Please kindly refer to for details.

and you may find the data sheet as well as app notes for this part in our docstore as shown below.

ntag213TT docs.png

Please also note these docs require NDA signed at first, so you have to contact your local Disty for further assistance on this, or create a private ticket for the NDA. 

Please kindly refer to the following links for more details.

I also attached the guide for docstore request here, hope that helps,


Have a great day,

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Hope that helps,

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